Chimney Repairs Albuquerque

When a chimney is in need of repairs, Amrak Chimney Sweeping is ready, willing and able to help. Issues can arise in a chimney through normal wear and tear. Common problems include:

  • A cracked or deteriorated crown
  • Gaps between the firebricks inside the fireplace
  • Cracked flu tiles
  • Cracked or broken refractory panels
  • Broken glass doors
  • Inoperable damper
  • Deteriorated mortar between bricks or stones on the outside of the chimney
  • Deteriorated stucco

Amrak is always ready to perform any needed repairs on your chimney or fireplace.  The need for repairs is most often discovered during the course of a normal chimney inspection. Sometimes it isn’t essential to do repairs right away, but we will make sure you’re aware of the need for attention in the future. Occasionally, other chimney sweep companies may recommend repairs and the customer decides to get a second opinion. We gladly offer free second opinions when this is the case.​

Crown Repair

Chimney Repairs

A chimney crown is a layer of concrete on the very top of the chimney. The crown protects the chimney from water damage, creating a waterproof surface that keeps water from penetrating the masonry and allowing the freeze thaw cycle to damage the chimney. Over time, crowns may crack or even break apart. Most cracks can be patched with mortar. When a crown breaks apart it needs to be rebuilt. Amrak Chimney Sweeping offers both types of repairs at reasonable prices.

​Fireplace Repair​

Mortar between firebricks can break down and fall out from between the firebricks inside a fireplace. When the problem is severe the bricks may be loose or even fall to the bottom of the fireplace. If the bricks are not loose, it is a straightforward process to re-grout between any bricks that need it. If some bricks are loose, we can usually reset them without having to rebuild the entire firebox. If the firebox requires rebuilding, we can do that too. As always, Amrak Chimney Sweeping strives to perform whatever repairs are needed at a reasonable price.

Refractory Panel Repair/Replacement

Pre fabricated or “Zero Clearance” fireplaces typically have refractory panels on either side of the inside of the fireplace as well as a rear panel. These can crack or break over time. Amrak Chimney Sweeping can repair cracks or replace broken panels at reasonable prices.

Inoperable/Broken Dampers

If your damper won’t open or close, it’s probably time to call Amrak Chimney Sweeping. We can often repair dampers fairly quickly and easily. If it is not possible to repair the damper, we will gladly install a spring release top damper on your chimney. Spring release dampers are easy to operate and create an airtight seal at the top of your chimney. This will keep warm air from escaping your home in the winter and cold air from escaping in the Summer. Call Amrak Chimney Sweeping to ask about the benefits of installing a spring release damper.

Exterior Chimney Repair

Brick or stone chimneys require periodic maintenance. Common problems that arise include deteriorating mortar joints, spalled brick and deteriorated or cracked mortar. The technicians at Amrak Chimney Sweeping are experts at masonry and stucco repair. These types of jobs vary in scope and difficulty, but Amrak can handle them all.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Amrak Chimney Sweeping is committed to providing the highest quality and most cost effective repairs to your chimney, fireplace or wood stove in the industry. Call 505-850-8663 today for your chimney repairs.