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When it comes to masonry, there is truly no job too small.

Masonry chimneys are a very specific thing that require professional expertise. Masonry chimneys utilize air pressure that creates a draft necessary to both fuel a reliable fire as well as expel toxic combustion byproducts

Masonry is quite specific when it comes to chimneys –they are usually built on-site and are composed of non-combustible materials. Materials used for chimney masonry include brick, block, stone, mortar, and clay flu tile.

Any components used in building a chimney need to be weather-resistant and capable of handling certain temperatures. Materials also need to be extremely durable given the circumstances of use.


Chimney Sweeping and Repairs and Masonry Services

Amrak Chimney Sweeping specializes in chimney sweep cleaning and masonry services as well as chimney repair. We most often get called in for mid-sized and smaller jobs that many contractors might turn down. We see these situations as an opportunity to rise to the occasion and provide high-quality chimney masonry services, even when it comes to projects smaller in scale.


We’ve been serving customers in Albuquerque, NM and its surrounding areas since 2006.

No job is too small as far as we’re concerned. It doesn’t matter if your chimney is dirty, cracked, or growing increasingly deteriorated, we’ll spring into action to rectify the situation for you. Does your fireplace need repair? We can help.

Amrak Chimney Sweeping aims to be your go-to chimney professionals – we provide an extensive suite of services, all under one roof.

Keeping up on your chimney masonry maintenance will not only help increase the life of your chimney, it will also improve ventilation for your household, helping you avoid toxic residue that tends to build up throughout a chimney’s lifespan.

Need an estimate? Contact Amrak Chimney Sweeping today if you’d like to learn more about our chimney masonry services or if you need chimney cleaning or repair services from industry-leading professionals. We provide free estimates and we never charge hidden fees.

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