Dryer Vent Cleaning

All dryer vents should be cleaned and inspected periodically. How often you need to have it cleaned depends on the size of a household, how much the dryer is used, how it is vented (through the roof or out the wall) and the efficiency of your dryer. The telltale sign that your dryer vent may need an inspection and/or a cleaning can be if your dryer isn’t drying as fast as it used to.

Dryer vent fires are dangerous. The pipe used to vent a dryer is weak as compared to wood stovepipe or masonry. The seams where one pipe meets the next are typically the weakest point. The pressure exerted by a fire can blow out those seams and allow the fire into the structure of a building. When that happens, it’s trouble. Amrak Chimney Sweeping cleans and inspects dryer vents with the same attention to detail that we give to any venting system, and at the same reasonable prices.

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