Chimney Sweep Cleaning & Inspections in Tijeras, NM

Amrak Chimney Sweeping has been proudly serving Tijeras since our very first day in business in 2006. Our estimation is that nearly half of Tijeras households heat with wood stoves or pellet stoves. For about 30 percent of households, wood or pellets are the main heat source.

Unfortunately, we don’t have great choices when it comes to the wood we burn in New Mexico, usually either pinon, cedar or juniper. Pinon is a particularly dirty wood, often creating serious creosote buildup in a stovepipe or chimney. Juniper and cedar aren’t much better. They too are dirty, and they burn very fast. That creates a situation in which you go through more wood faster.

Pellets are a little cleaner, depending on the quality. Unfortunately, for people who are on limited incomes, the only choice might be lower quality (cheaper) pellets. Lower quality pellets can cause issues with the mechanical components of a pellet stove over time, not to mention that there is more buildup in the stovepipe. 

If you’re heating with wood or pellets, it’s extremely important that you have your wood or pellet stove chimney cleaned and inspected by a qualified chimney professional at least once a year.

At Amrak Chimney Sweeping we take pride in providing clean quality chimney services at a reasonable price. We’ll show up on time, we won’t upcharge you with repairs you don’t need, and we work hard at keeping our fees reasonable. Unlike most of our competitors, we do not charge trip fees to come the the East Mountains.

Call Amrak Chimney Sweeping to schedule your chimney appointment. 505-850-8663.