Chimney Sweep Edgewood

Since 2006 when Amrak Chimney Sweeping opened for business, Edgewood has grown…a lot. Amrak Chimney Sweeping has grown with it. If you live in Edgewood, you can expect the same chimney service that we’ve always provided; on time, reasonably priced, clean and efficient. Like always, we will inspect and clean your chimney with attention to detail and provide a written report when we finish. No matter if you have a woodstove, pellet stove, or a fireplace, Amrak Chimney Sweeping is the chimney company that is dedicated to providing top quality service at affordable prices.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent fires can be extremely dangerous. They are often more dangerous than a regular chimney fire. Dryer vent pipe is flimsy as compared to stovepipe or a brick and mortar chimney. The seams where the pipes meet can separate from the pressure of a fire and get into the structure of the building. If that happens, a home can be destroyed. If your dryer is not working as well as it used to (not drying as quickly or efficiently) it’s time to call Amrak Chimney Sweeping for a dryer vent cleaning and inspection. If we are at your home to clean and inspect your chimney, ask us to take a look at your dryer vent too. We’ll do that at no extra charge. If it needs to be cleaned you can have us service it at the same visit, or schedule a time for us to come back.

No Hidden Fees

If you live in Edgewood, you know that many contractors charge trip fees to come to the East Mountains. Not Amrak Chimney Sweeping. We’ve never charged trip fees and we never will. You see, Amrak began in the East Mountains, and our view is that trip fees can be just another way to charge customers more. That does not fit in with our philosophy. Edgewood customers will pay the same reasonable price as all our customers. After all, why should anyone be punished for living where they want to live?

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