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Chimney Services

  • Fireplace & Woodstove Chimney Cleaning
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Chimney Services

​​If you burn wood, whether it be in a fireplace, woodstove, wood burning insert or pellet stove, it's important that you periodically have your chimney cleaned and inspected. Creosote is the problem; it can be highly combustive and dangerous. Creosote builds up at varying rates depending on the quality of wood used and how you burn (steady and slow, or hot and vigorous). The best way to ensure your chimney is safe and operable is to have your chimney cleaned and inspected by a certified chimney sweep. 

Why Have Your Chimney Swept?
  • Chimney System Inspection Reports 
  • Woodstove & Pellet Stove Installation 
  • ​Chimney Repairs 

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Amrak Chimney Sweeps has been providing clean and professional chimney cleaning services since 1981

Damper Repairs

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A dirty chimney will draw less efficiently and may cause smoke to back up into your house. More importantly, dirty chimneys can be dangerous. Chimney fires are a major cause of house fires throughout the country. Not every chimney fire will cause a house fire, in fact most won't.  The problem is you can't know whether your chimney is safe without an inspection by a certified Chimney Sweep.  A chimney fire causes excessive pressure inside the chimney. If there is a weak spot in the chimney it can blow out and allow the fire into attic space or into the interior of a home. Creosote is the problem. It can be highly  flammable. A qualified chimney sweep like we at Amrak Chimney Sweeps can remove creosote buildup and improve the performance and safety  of a your chimney. We also inspect for the overall health of your chimney, looking for weak spots and areas that may allow water to damage your chimney. As with everything we do, we pride ourselves on being on time, performing the  job cleanly and efficiently, and discussing the health of each customers chimney when we're done.

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